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Join the Rights Cloud Community today for free

Join the Rights Cloud Community today for free @

Rights Cloud Community Edition* allows you to experience the value of Rights Cloud for yourself! For an unlimited period of time, you can try out the powerful features for managing Agreements, creating a directory of Talent Profiles, integrating with other 3rd party software, and gaining automated Rights Inheritance and Clearances.

*The following restrictions apply. See the Terms of Service for a complete list.

  • Clearance API calls per rolling hour = 10
  • Max Users = 1
  • Max Assets per Clearance = 20
  • Roles = Unlimited
  • Departments = 1
  • Agreements = Unlimited
  • Max Assets = 100
  • Max Storage Per Attachment (asset, document, thumbnail, etc.) = 6MB
  • Max Total Storage per Account = 100MB
  • Max Additional Info Fields = 3
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