In the Statement Adjustment screen the user will have the Ability to create adjustment lines on a contract and propagate those adjustments automatically to the related statements every time a new payout cycle is processed.

This feature will be only available for the Booked / Amended Book deals of type “Talent”.

On Add Adjustment, the user will define the adjustment type, Adjustment name, Adjustment description as well as the contract(s) where the adjustment will be automatically added. The user will have the option to apply adjustments to all products on the deal or to individual products (The currency is used to drive the contract, If the user selects USD, the system will filter only for USD contracts).

The IN / OUT dates are used to determine the effective date of an adjustment. If the IN / OUT dates don’t fall within the batch period, they won’t be included on the statements for that period.

The Earned royalty field will be used to define the amount to be populated on the statement.

An adjustment cannot be deleted if it has been added to a statement.   Instead, Adjustments can be assigned an end date and it will be excluded from any statements generated after the end date.

The adjustments will be applied only on the products/SKUs that have statements or reported in the sales data.

Any change to an existing adjustment, will apply only to future statements