The Period definition screen is where the user enters the accounting periods to be used in the IPM suite accounting engine. The system relies on the periods defined here to be able to generate transactions and associate an accounting date to those transactions prior interfacing them to the general ledger of the ERP.

The Period definition allows you to setup the fiscal year and the corresponding quarters, months, start and end dates:

In order to setup a new period, you just click on add new. You will prompt with a popup window screen where you would have to enter the Year that you want to set:

Once you enter the year and click on ADD, the new period setup will be displayed. The quarters are automatically divided into four, you would have to enter the start and end date of each month within that quarter. The Month column will show you the number for each month and its rank within the quarter. A description for each period will be automatically generated and displayed under the description field.
There are some other options in this screen that are used for the forecast management module and those can be triggered to show or to hide based on the usage of this module. This behavior is controlled by the profile option FPI_SHOW_LOCKDOWN_DAYS and if it is turned to TRUE, a new filed will show called “Lockdown Period”. This triggers a lockdown process to happen on the forecast quarters in a specific

amount of days prior the forecast period end date. It can be controlled depending on the forecast period (Quarterly or monthly forecast) via the profile option FPI_SET_LOCKDOWN_PERIOD.