Propagate Management

Every time new rights are added through flat files and ingested into IPM, an Admin user needs to propagate these new values to the deals already setup in the system. On propagate the following is handled:

Using right “Lead Hazard Evaluation and Control in Buildings”, stand on the right and click on Propagate

1- The system will check and provide the list of the Deals having at least one of the leaf node values (under the same parent of the new value), as one of the rights on the deal. The Admin user then can select on which deal(s) the propagation needs to be applied--> The new values will be populated in the Rights section for the selected Deals.

2- As for the Minimum guarantee and the royalty rate, the system will propagate the new values only if the leaf nodes associated to the deal (The ones selected at the deal and not the ones available as Master data) that fall under the same parent of this newly added right are grouped in the same Minimum guarantee allocation, or have the same royalty rate.

If at least one of the leaf nodes (under the same parent) that are on the deal has a separate royalty rate or Minimum guarantee, the propagation to the royalty rate or the Minimum guarantee will fail and the user will have to add the new values manually