How to link assets to multiple agreements based on their Project and the Parties who are contributors:

  1. A photographer and two models are hired for a photo shoot project

  2. Each Party assigned to the project has their own agreement (with different rights)

  3. A Project is created and linked to each agreement

  4. The photo shoot occurs and Assets are created (photos taken by the photographer)

  5. Assets may include one or more of the Parties as contributors

  6. Assets are attached to the project, and will automatically be linked to Party agreements for the Parties who are contributors to the asset.

  7. Asset 1 includes both the models as contributors and is attached to both the model's agreements

  8. Asset 2 includes only model 2 as a contributor and is attached to model 2's agreement

Both assets have the photographer as a contributor and both assets are attached to the photographer's agreement