Q: Can an Asset be attached to more than one Project?

A: No. Projects represent specific assignments or collections of work that produce Assets which are referenced by the unique Project identifier. An Asset can only be attached to one Project and the Project is considered the source of the Asset. 


A photographer is hired for a photo shoot ( Project #BB111) and she licenses US print rights for the resulting photos. She is hired for another photo shoot ( Project #AD222) and the rights granted are for print and digital worldwide. Photo shoot #BB111 produces a photo. The incoming photo Asset is tagged with the Project identifier “BB111” in order to determine the rights. The Asset cannot also be tagged with the Project identifier “AD222” or the rights would be in conflict, since the rights given for photos produced on Project #BB111 are US Print only, but the rights on Project #AD222 are worldwide and would override that resulting in a rights conflict.